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Which service do you need?

A copyeditor works on raw copy, while a proofreader checks final drafts. And then there’s proof-editing, which marries the two services in a more budget- and time-friendly way. Check below to see which service you need. Contact me if you need more help.

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These are the main checks I carry out when copyediting your work

  • Grammar, punctuation, syntax, and spelling.
  • Consistency in body text, header fonts, and indentations.
  • Names for places and famous people.
  • Using synonyms to eliminate repetition.
  • Continuity in character traits and appearance.
  • Checking numbers and titles are sequential and correct.
  • Ensuring all the elements are there: tables, drawings, images, and references.
  • Flagging up legal issues such as plagiarism and copyright infringements.


The buck stops here! Proofreading is the final check before publication

  • Grammar, spelling, and typography.
  • Consistency in style, text, layout, images, and captions.
  • Ensuring images and captions match and that images go with the content.
  • Checking all the elements of a table or graph are correct and make sense.
  • Flagging up ambiguity or lack of clarity in meaning.
  • Running heads and feet.
  • Numbers, indexes, and graphs.
  • Alphabetised lists and sequences.
  • Checking references are correctly formatted
  • Making sure indexes have the right format throughout.


  • Combines copyediting and proofreading into one process.
  • Text requires less intervention than needed for a copyedit.
  • One-stop shop is less demanding on client’s budget.
  • Material may have been copyedited but still needs more than a straightforward proofread.

Can I offer you
a quote?

If you contact me with details of your project, I’m happy to supply an estimate. You decide if you want to go ahead and work with me. See below for things I need to know.

Contact Anne

Things I need to know when you get in touch

Please include the following details when you contact me:

Your name
Your email address
Your website
How you found me:
Search engine etc
Your project title:
For example, the title of your book
Type of job
: (eg proofreading, copyediting)
(usually word count or number of pages)
Artwork (if applicable)
Work In as:
How you will send the project to me, eg Word document, PDF

Work returned as: Word (Track Changes), PDF (marked up with corrections and comments)
Start date: When you would like me to start the project
Return date:
When you you like your completed project returned
Sample provided:

OR click on the button below to download the Client Enquiry Form (Word). Please fill in the form and return it as an attachment with your email.

Client Enquiry Form

Thank you so much for your help by proofreading my script. You have helped me towards achieving a long-held dream of publishing this book. It means an awful lot to me.
Heather Flint, author, Abbey Secret.