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Writing and editing background

  • I have thirty years’ experience writing and editing for newspapers and magazines at both local and national level (The Guardian – freelance features sub-editor). As a newspaper reporter, I attended in-house and residential courses in sub-editing while working for Berrows Newspapers and Westminster Press. After two years as a reporter, I passed the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) ‘prof test’ also know as the National Certificate Exam.
  • In 1994, I began working for Eastern Counties Newspapers as a sub-editor, designing newspaper and magazine pages using QuarkXPress software. In 2010, the company (now Archant) switched to a content managing system and all sub-editors (including freelancers) were trained to use Adobe Indesign. This is now my preferred design software.

Professional development

  • I am a Professional Member of the highly respected Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP). I abide by the society’s Code of Practice and use its guidelines to determine my hourly rates. 
  • I have passed P3 Proofreading Progress, the most advanced proofreading course offered by SfEP.
  • In 20I7, I passed an exam in Inbound Marketing and received certification from marketing software company Hubspot. This has helped me to understand the role of content marketing – which includes blogging – to promote a business
  • I have completed the Publishing Training Centre’s Editing Fiction course, which has given me more tools to work with independent authors.

Personal milestones

  • I have written a book. November is NaNoWriMo month. This is when you write like crazy, silence your inner editor and go for it – 1,660 words a day. I put my book to one side for three years and then went back to give it a proper edit. Now Sorted! is available to buy on Amazon.  Last November, I took part in this crazy project again. I wrote every day and busted through 50,000 words, two days early. Book number two, French Fancies, is being edited and will be available by summer 2019.
  • I graduated from the University of Bristol with a BSc Hons in Politics and Philosophy. If you are a social sciences student and need a proofreader for your dissertation or thesis, please contact me.

How I relax

  • Sitting at a desk most of the day means – love it or hate it – exercise has to be part of my routine. For speed,  I like Joe Wicks’ high-intensity sessions on YouTube and occasionally make an appearance at my local Parkrun.
  • I cook and eat all kinds of food. I spent four informative weeks at the Vegetarian Society’sHQ in Altrincham in the early 1990s learning how to cook delicious, nutritional vegetarian food. I gained a Cordon Vert certificate with distinction.